Social Media – an update

As I said I would do last summer, I’ve spent this term experimenting with social media in my work with students. I used Twitter both to find interesting, useful articles to read and to communicate with students; I used Delicious to bookmark those interesting articles, sort the bookmarks, and store them in a publicly accessible place.

The use of Twitter to find interesting reading material and the use of Delicious to share it with students is working well. While I am, as usual, behind in my reading, the ability to easily share my lists of articles by topic does save time and energy. More important, I know that the articles are being read because students have referred to them in discussion and have cited them in their papers. This is clearly worth doing.

On the other hand, I still have only one student “following” me on Twitter. Having said that, I’m not actively “tweeting”, either, so there’s no real value to anyone following me … yet.

It troubles me that I haven’t added to this blog since the term began. While we all talk about the press of work, is it that I don’t have time to write or, rather, that I don’t have time to reflect? An interesting question on which I will reflect now that the term is winding down.

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  1. Christine Jacobsen says:

    As an adjunct at Empire, I am very interested in creating blended study groups. I have spent the last year updating my technology skills. I’m happy to read about your advocacy of delicious social bookmarking, it is one of my favorite online organizational tools.

  2. frieda mendelsohn says:

    Logan – at this point, I’m just dipping my toes in the water — others have made far greater progress in this area than I. Certainly George Siemens and Ray Schroeder are very active in these areas.

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